ABOUT US: Moon Shoal Oysters started on an ice cold February morning in 2007. Jon thought he was going out for a quick and simple boat ride to visit our friend's oyster farm. He returned a few hours later, as he called it, "a changed man." Somewhere out there, in the flats of the Great Marsh in Cape Cod Bay , Jon reconnected with his native Cape roots and became completely inspired. He rarely missed a tide after that; tagging along and trying to soak in as much as he possibly could in all things related to aquaculture. As fate would have it, Jon and Kate acquired a 2 acre grant to call their own from a family moving to Maine the following year, and Moon Shoal Oysters was born.

BARNSTABLE HARBOR, CAPE COD BAY: Cape Cod Bay, and in particular, Barnstable Harbor, just happens to be the ideal place for growing oysters. Oysters are akin to wine in that they take on the characteristics and flavor of the environment in which they're grown. Flushed out by huge 10 ft. tides twice a day, everyday, and fresh water infusion from Scorton and Spring creeks add to the very unique taste of Moon Shoals. Our Oysters are suspended off the super sandy bottom of the crispy clean waters of Cape Cod Bay and patiently and gently harvested by hand, every last one of them. The chefs that use our oysters often use the word "savory" to describe them. Classic salinity in the front and fruit/citrus notes in the finish. The best way to find out for sure is to try some. We're convinced you'll love 'em!

SUSTAINABILITY: Our family farm is more of a way of life than anything else. We are native Cape Codders. Our lives revolve around the tide chart and we are pretty much addicted to the weather report. We know how fortunate we are to be able to farm our oysters in such a pristine and special environment and strive daily to make sure it stays that way. Oysters are filter feeders that can filter 30 to 50 gallons daily. They feed on tiny plankton and micronutrients that exist naturally in the marine environment. Their filter feeding helps to keep the Harbor water clean and clear which allows other marine life to live and thrive. Oysters are considered a keystone species in that they are constantly helping to clean and support the environments in which they grow. Simply put, as hard as we work on our farm, our farm works harder at positively impacting the ecosystem in which we work. Oyster farming is truly a sustainable practice.

WHERE TO FIND US: We were lucky to have hooked up with our good friends and fellow farmers at Island Creek Oysters in Duxbury, MA early on. All our oysters go directly from our farm to their refrigerated trucks which distribute them to many fine restaurants in:

BOSTON Island Creek Oyster Bar, Eastern Standard, L'Espalier, Sel De la Terre, Neptune, B&G Oysters, Fish and Bones of Chelmsford
NANTUCKET Corazon Del Mar, Boarding House, The Pearl
NEW YORK CITY The Dutch, Mermaid, Epicerie Boulud, City Crab & Seafood, Maison Premiere, The Fat Raddish
NEW JERSEY Milford Oyster House
CHICAGO The Publican, Shaws Crab House
WISCONSIN St. Paul Fish Company
MINNESOTA Meritage Oyster Bar
TEXAS Brasserie 19

The list of restaurants that carries our oysters is always growing. If you're looking for Moon Shoal Oysters at your favorite raw bar or restaurant and they don't have them, please ask why!

WHOLESALE: Island Creek Oysters (Duxbury, MA), JP's Shellfish (Elliot, ME), and W&T Seafood (NYC).



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